Top 20 ASIC Form Rejections

Below are a list of the Top 20 ASIC Form Rejections:


Rejection Code V381 - This address is different to the current alternative address

Rejection Code V522 - Not in correct status to lodge this form

Rejection Code V418 - Country name not verified.

Rejection Code V444 - Locality & Postcode do not match/ Locality not found

Rejection Code V444 - Referring to Multiple Addresses

Rejection Error V999 - Effective date is prior to the start of this record

Rejection Code V117 - Date must not be a future date

Rejection Code V066 - Birth details should be entered for persons

Rejection Code V174 - "Document, date lodged, form code and company do not match ASIC records"

Rejection Code V491 - Changes and cessations to member details must match the existing details on ASIC's record

Rejection Code V247 - Please complete this field

Rejection Code V557 - ABN is not that of the business name

Rejection Code V490 - This owner already holds this class of share

Rejection Code V395 - The address override may only be used for certain addresses item

Rejection Code V414 - Name and birth details of Officer do not match

Rejection Code X014 - Element value exceeds defined length

Rejection Code V276 - Invalid legal elements for this type of Company

Rejection Code V165 - Referring to Signatory issues

Rejection Code V015 - Referring to name format issues

Validation error 01 - An unexpected error has occurred


Other Rejections

Rejection Code- V999 Deregistration applicant role already exists for organisation

Rejection Code X015 - Mandatory element has no value


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