How to issue shares (Form 484C2)

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How do I Issue Shares for a Company? 


The Share Issue Form 484C2 is accessible via Menu > Companies. Search for the Company and open full profile, hover over "Share Management", and select "Form 484C2 Share Issue":


A popup message with current Shareholdings will display, if these are not correct (prior to the transfer), select "Edit Registry" to resolve discrepancy. Alternatively, select "The Registry is Correct, Proceed" to proceed to the form:

When completing the form:

  • Form Details
    • Provides an overview of the Share Issue process and requirements.
  • Company Details
    • Reflects the Company Name, ACN and an option to select whether the Share Issue is in response to an Annual Statement. This information will be prefilled.
  • Shareholding 1 
    • Allows you to select from a list of existing Shareholders or add a New Shareholder, who the company will issue shares to.
    • Enter details of the Share Issue, including the new Share Certificate Number (if known) 
    • If the Shares are to be owned on behalf of another individual or entity, select Yes to that question, then enter the name of the Beneficial Owner.
    • Select "Add Another Share Issue" to add an additional allotment of Shares.
  • Issue of Shares
    • If shares are issued for other than cash, additional Forms may be required to be lodged with ASIC.
  • Share Certificate Consolidation
    • Choose whether you would like new certificates created just for the newly issued shares, or cancel the existing Share Certificates, and consolidate the Shares into a new Certificate:


  • Estimate page 
    • Will provide you with details of the Shareholdings after the Share Issue is complete
  • Authorisation and Declaration 
    • If the company has more than one Director, you will be given the option of creating a Resolution of Directors or Minute of Meeting of Directors.
    • If Minute of Meeting is selected, choose the location of the Meeting. Untick the checkbox(es) next to the names of any Officeholders who will not be attending
    • Officer Chairperson - Choose the Director to be Chairperson of the Meeting. This Director will also be on one of the signatories on the Share Certificate
    • Authorising Officeholder - Refers to the Officeholder who will sign (authorise) the Form 484 to be lodged with ASIC
    • Additional Officeholder to sign the Share Certificate - Choose a second Officeholder to act as signatory on the Share Certificate. This may be a Director or Secretary of the company.

Once you have completed the form, you can prepare to send for signing, and lodge the form with ASIC.

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