Send ASIC forms to your client for signing

There are two ways to send documents to your client for signing:

  • Via Docusign, for your client to review and sign electronically.
  • Via Email, to forward the documents to your client’s email address.


Alternatively, you can click ‘Download all’, to download the documentation and have them signed in person.


  • Docusign


Click on ‘Send’.



Enter client’s preferred name (optional), email address and mobile number (optional and only required if text message reminders are selected).


You can choose to copy one or more recipients.

You can also choose to add a message under 'Message for recipients' which would be included in the email template under @customtext


If you would like to send reminders to your client for signing a document, click 'reminders'.

If you select the 'reminders' option, you can edit the date and type of reminders by clicking on the 'pen' icon.

  • Forward Documents


To email the documentation to your client, enter your client’s email address under 'Forward Documentation' and click forward.


Please note: You can use this option if your client does not wish to use Electronic Signing.

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