Transfer of Shares form (484C3)


How do I complete a Transfer of Shares?


The Transfer of Shares form is Form 484C3, and is accessible via the Company Profile (Menu > Companies > Search for Company and open full profile). Once you are in the full Company Profile, hover over the "Share Management" menu, and select "Form 484C3 Transfer of Shares":

A popup message with current Shareholdings will display, if these are not correct (prior to the transfer), select "Edit Registry" to resolve discrepancy. Alternatively, select "The Registry is Correct, Proceed" to proceed to the form:

Completing the form:

  • Form Details - Provides an overview of the Transfer of Shares form

  • Company Details - Reflects the Company Name, ACN and an option to select whether the transfer is in response to an Annual Statement

  • Transfer Details - Allows you to select the effect date of the Share Transfer (click here for details on when late fees will be incurred)

  • Transferor Details (Seller) - Allows you to select from a list the existing Share allotment to be transferred, and how many of that allotment are being transferred.
    - The Consideration Paid amount can be adjusted to reflect the amount paid for the Shares. This however does not change the share price or value. Click here for more information on the Consideration Paid figure.
    - Select "Add Allotment" if you are transferring from more than 1 Shareholder

  • Transferee Details - Allows you to select from a list of existing Shareholders, or add a new Shareholder for the Shares to be Transferred to.
    - If you selected to Transfer Shares from more than 1 Shareholder, there will be a multiple allotment options to select when choosing the Class. Select which allotment this shareholder will receive.
    - Ensure the number of Shares entered in the Transferor page equals the total number entered in the Transferee page. You will not be able to progress if the figures do not match.
    - Only Individuals can be added as joint Shareholders. If you require a different combination of joint Shareholders, you will need to lodge the form directly with ASIC.
    - Click here for information on how to enter an overseas Corporate Shareholder into forms.

  • Estimate page - Will provide you with the Shareholdings after the transfer is lodged

  • Share Certificate Preferences:
    - Last Certificate Number - An optional field, if you know the last certificate number, the new Share - Certificates will be given the next number
    - Last Share Number - An optional field, if you know the last share number, the new Shares will be given the next number
    - Share Certificate Consolidation - Choose whether you would like new certificates created just for the newly transferred Shares, or cancel existing Share Certificates, and consolidate the Shares into a new Certificate
    - Share Certificate Paid Amount - Choose whether you would like the Share Certificate to show the nominal value, or the consideration paid.

Once you have completed the form, you can prepare to send for signing, and lodge to ASIC.

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