Updating the Share Allotment Table


How can I remove the "Allotment Issue" banner from appearing and correct the Share Allotment Table?

How do I add a share/certificate number or issue date?


When a Company displays an "Allotment Issue" banner this means there is a discrepancy between what ASIC have recorded for the Shareholdings, and what NowInfinity is displaying. Resolution will depend on the underlying issue.

The Share Number will populate at the Certificate Number when downloading a Share Certificate.

The most common cause of allotment issues is that multiple share change forms were lodged at the same time. It is strongly recommended to avoid this and lodge the forms one at a time only after the first has been processed.

Note: You may need to take multiple actions against the same Shareholder and/or the same actions against multiple Shareholders to resolve all allotment issues.

Locating the Shares view

  1. Navigate to Menu > Companies > open the Company Profile
  2. Change the drop-down box in top right-hand corner from "Main" to "Shares"

Correcting "Lost" Shareholders

Lost share.png

  1. Navigate to the Share view
  2. Select the plus (+) icon to the left of the Lost share within the Allotment Table
    plus icon.png
  3. Select the 3 dots to the right of the editable allotment
    three dots.png
  4. If there are no non-lost instances of the Shareholder (with matching share class) proceed to step 8
  5. Select "Fix: Transfer"
  6. Select the corresponding instance of the Shareholder
    Note: Where there are multiple other instances of the Shareholder with the same class of shares, the Shareholders will appear in the same order as the Allotment Table.
  7. Proceed to step 10
  8. Select "Delete"
  9. Select "Yes" against the warning pop-up 
  10. Select "Save changes" from the bottom right of the table

Correcting discrepancies in Allotment Table


The figure to the left has been reported by ASIC. The figure to the right is the figure recorded within NowInfinity.

If the ASIC figures are incorrect:

  1. Refresh Company Profile
  2. If discrepancy remains, complete an ASIC form based on the reason:
    • Cancellation of Shares not reported: complete form 484C1
    • Issue of Shares not reported: completed form 484C2
    • Transfer of Shares not reported: complete form 484C3
    • Error previously reported: compete a form 492

If NowInfinity figures are incorrect:

  1. Navigate to Share view
  2. Select the plus (+) icon to the left of the Shareholder
    plus norm.png
  3. Make use of the "Edit", "Delete" and "Add Item" icons and buttons to make the required changes
    • Edit edit.png: Alters the value in the corresponding field
    • Delete del.png: Removes the corresponding allotment entry
    • Add item add.png: Adds a new entry that can then be edited
  4. Select "Save changes" from the bottom right

Correcting discrepancies in the Company Share Structure

CSS Dis.png

  1. Ensure all discrepancies in the Allotment Table have been corrected
  2. Refresh the Company Profile
  3. If the discrepancy remains, complete a form 492 against the most recent lodgement altering shares (commonly form 484C1, 484C2, or 484C3), requesting to correct the "total shares issued", "total amount paid", and "total amount unpaid" to the correct figures.

Add/Edit a Share Number or Issue Date

  1. Navigate to the Shares view
  2. Within the Allotment Table, select the plus (+) icon to the left of the shareholder
  3. Select the Edit icon against the Share Numbers and Issue Date columns as appropriate
  4. Select "Save changes" from the bottom right of the table

What causes allotment discrepancies?

There are many different reasons for allotment discrepancies to occur, a common reason is if a Form 492 has been lodged to correct a spelling error, or beneficial status of a Shareholder, the incorrect allotment will display as "Lost" and needs to be manually removed: 


Sometimes correcting allotment discrepancies are not as straightforward, contact NowInfinity support for further assistance if you are not able to remove the discrepancy through the above steps.

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