Where do I find forms prepared on Corporate Messenger?


Below are the instructions for finding forms prepared on Corporate Messenger.

Navigate to Menu > Lodgements

Menu > Lodgements 

The lodgement page contains all forms prepared on Corporate Messenger.


Each document includes a status. Status can be:

  • Draft – Document hasn’t been completed and is saved to be continued later.
  • Waiting for Signature – Document is completed and waiting for signature.
  • Signed - Document has been signed and is ready for lodgement.
  • Pending – Document has been submitted to ASIC and is waiting to be processed by ASIC.
  • Transmitted - ASIC is processing the document.
  • Lodged - Document is successfully Lodged with ASIC.
  • Rejected - Document has been rejected by ASIC.

The date of the lodgement deadline appears in the table. The date will be highlighted in red if the deadline has passed or is due within the next 7 days.


1.    Sorting, searching and filtering

1.1 Sorting

All lodgements can be sorted by:

  • "Date modified": the date the document was created or modified.
  • "Deadline": date of the lodgement deadline. This date is based 28 days from the effective date of change inputted on the form.


1.2 Searching

To search for a lodgement, enter the company name into the search toolbar located at the top right hand side of the table and amend the date range, as required.


Note: the default date range value is 3 months.

To amend the default date range, navigate to Menu > Portal Settings > Account settings and click on the drop down box under "default date range applied in portal grids".




1.3 "My lodgements" check box

To display only the documents created by the current logged-in user, click "My Lodgements" then check the box located under the Actions Menu.


1.4 Using the tabs on the lodgement page

The tabs located at the top of the lodgement table allow you to easily identify documents according to what needs to be actioned.



"Incomplete" includes lodgements with the following status:

  • Draft: document has been saved and it to be continued later.
  • Waiting for signature: document has been completed and is waiting for signature.
  • Signed: document has been signed but hasn’t been lodged with ASIC.
  • Transmitted: lodgement is being processed by ASIC.
  • Rejected: lodgement is rejected by ASIC.

Lodged and completed

All documents are successfully lodged with ASIC.


 Includes all documents with a future effective date of change. These documents will be lodged automatically on the scheduled date and cannot be lodged prior.  


Includes all lodgements.


Includes documents with a passed lodgement deadline or a deadline due within 7 days.

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