410B Company Name Reservation Form


How can I complete the Form 410B?


The Form 410B is used to change the proposed reserved Company Name.

Follow the below steps to complete the form.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies > open the Company profile2022-11-02_09h24_29.png2022-11-02_09h25_32.png
  2. Click 'Company Name' > 'Form 410B'2022-11-02_09h27_13.png
  3. Click 'Next Step' until you get to the 'Proposed Company Name to be Reserved' page2022-11-02_09h29_37.png
  4. Enter in the proposed Company Name ensuring all legal elements are included2022-11-02_09h30_18.png
  5. Click 'Check Name Availability', this will confirm if the name is available to reserve.2022-11-02_09h30_18.png
  6. Answer 'Yes' or 'no' to 'Is the proposed company name an existing business name?'2022-11-02_10h59_31.png
  7. If 'No' proceed to step 8.
  8. If 'Yes' follow similar steps to the 205 Name Change form by clicking here.
  9. Enter the rest of the details and Complete the form, ensuring 'Include a payslip' is ticked.2022-11-02_11h00_25.png
  10. Once 'Complete' is clicked the form will automatically submit for lodgement2022-11-02_21h20_33.png
  11. Once the lodgement has been successful a copy of the payslip with be displayed with the other PDF documents. Ensure that payment is made as soon as possible to avoid the reservation being cancelled. 2022-11-02_21h21_52.png2022-11-02_21h22_54.png

Note: The 410B Company Name Reservation Form can be used to reserve a name if a Public Company is planning to change it's current name to a new name as long as it will still be a Public Company.

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