Who can be the applicant for a 6010 Deregistration Form


Who will be the applicant for a deregistration? What is the difference between the applicant options, 'Company' and 'Director of the company'?




Every voluntary deregistration requires an Applicant.  The Applicant for deregistration can only be:

  • the Company
  • a Director or Member of the Company; or
  • a liquidator of the Company

Even though section 601AA of the Corps Act says that the Applicant for deregistration can be a Member of the Company, the ASIC electronic specifications does not permit Members to be the Applicant. 

Director of the company: The applicant of the 6010 is the end client 

Company:  If the user selects the company as Applicant, a further question is needed - “Details of Nominee”. When a company is an Applicant, a nominee (an individual) needs to be appointed to receive notice of the deregistration.  The nominee does not need to be a Member or Director of the Company.  The nominee’s name and address must be supplied.

Note: If you do not choose an external applicant then a Director of the Company must be chosen.

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