Rejection Code : V176 Must enter full name (no initials)

Rejection error : V176 Must enter full name (no initials)

This rejection can be for the following reasons:

- ASIC EDGE protocol requires all Given names and Family names to not be an initial, a full name should be provided. The name may have been stored containing an initial during the original appointment of the Officeholder. 
- This Rejection code can appear for the following changes:
- Form 484's
- Form 6010
- Form 362's
- Form 205
- In order to proceed with the form, a 492 Mistake Correction form would need to be lodged to mention the entire name on the basis of the original form that the Officeholder was first appointment.
- Once the 492 form has been lodged and processed by ASIC, the the corresponding form can be submitted to ASIC. 
Alternatively you can try lodging the form directly through ASIC Registered Agent Portal.
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