Rejection Code V418 - Country name not verified.

Rejection error : V418 - Country name not verified.

This rejection can occur for the following reasons:

- ASIC EDGE uses ISO 3166 as a source for validating country names. The country name should match with the ISO country name and code. 

Forms affected:

- Form 484's
- Form 201 (Company Registration)


- ASIC include in the rejection message the information that is not correct, for example:

When using EDGE Protocol, "Scotland" is not accepted. This is due to the ISO country name and code. To proceed with lodgement, use "United Kingdom" instead of "Scotland" as the Country of Birth.

However, when lodging directly with ASIC Registered Agent Portal, you may notice that Scotland may be accepted as a valid Country of Birth.

-The country names per ISO can be searched using from ISO's search function

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