Form 2205 Notification of Resolutions Regarding Shares


How to do I complete a Form 2205 Notification of Resolutions Regarding Shares?


The purpose of the Form 2205 is to notify ASIC that a resolution regarding shares has been passed by a company. A Form 2205 cannot be lodged online, this is a paper lodgement. 

Note: The Form 2205 will only generate the ASIC form, with no resolution or minutes.

Follow the below steps to complete the form.

1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies > Company Profile.

2. Under Share Management > click "Form 2205 Notification of Resolutions".


3. A confirmation screen will pop up to prompt the user to check if the Share Information is correct before proceeding. Ensure that the information is checked - where incorrect, click "Edit Registry", otherwise click "The Registry is Correct, Proceed".


4. The first page of the interview form will open. Once you have read the first page and understood the information therein, click 'Next Step'.

5. Company Details > ensure that the information inputted is correct and click Next Step.


6. Form 2205 can be used to notify ASIC of various types of resolutions regarding shares, listed as below. Select checkboxes as appropriate to your circumstances. 

7. If 'Convert shares into larger or smaller number (consolidation/subdivision)' is checked, the below tab will appear. 

Select from either subdivision or consolidation, as applicable, from the drop down menu. 

Select Share Class as applicable, from the drop down menu. 

Enter the Number of Shares AFTER the change. (this only accepts a number)

8.  If 'other' is checked, the below options will appear. Fill in the information as applicable. 

9. Enter the Date of Resolution and details relating to the Resolution into the textbox - for example, you might state, 'It was resolved that shares will be consolidated [and continue to provide specific details]'. 


10. Choose the Authorising Officeholder, Signing Manager and provide your declaration that the information provided is true and correct. 


11. On the Ready to Submit page, the "Document Reference" is Optional. You can click "Save and Complete" if you wish to complete the form later, otherwise select "Complete" now. 


12. Once completed, the prepared Form 2205 will be generated on the Collaborations page.



Special Notes

Only a resolution to convert shares into larger or smaller number (i.e. consolidation/subdivision) requires Attachment 1 from the produced Form 2205 to be completed. 

Refer to ASIC's website for further information regarding lodging periods (calculated from the date on which the special or ordinary resolution was passed or agreed to - whichever is applicable), lodging fees (NIL), and late fees if the Form is not lodged within the prescribed period. 


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