Deregistering a Company FAQs

Does my client have to pay the Annual Review fee if the company is being Deregistered?

As long as the form 6010 Deregistration has been lodged with ASIC at least two or more weeks before the payment deadline of the Annual Review fee, the client does not have to pay the Annual Review fee.


The company has other outstanding debts, can it still be deregistered?

No, all outstanding debt must be paid prior to the lodgement of the form 6010.


I lodged a form 6010 to deregister a company but the company is still registered, why?

If the form 6010 was lodged successfully but, the deregistration fee has not been paid to ASIC within 28 days, ASIC will cancel the deregistration. 


What happens if ASIC cancel the deregistration due to non payment of the fee?

A new form 6010 will need to be lodged, the client will be liable for the initial deregistration fee as well as the new deregistration fee. 


How long does it take for ASIC to deregister the company once the form 6010 has been lodged and the deregistration fee paid? 

It can take up to two weeks for the deregistration to be processed and the notification to be published. 

Two months after the notice has been published, the company will be deregistered.

Further information on voluntary deregistration is available via this link.

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