Rejection Code V414 - Name and birth details of Officer do not match

Rejection error : Rejection code V414: Name and birth details of Officer do not match

This rejection can occur for the following changes:

- When changing a name or address or ceasing an Officeholder, the name and birth details of the Officer may be missing from ASIC's record.

Forms affected:

  • 484 B2
  • 484 A1
  • 484 C2
  • 484 C3


- To resolve, lodge an RA71 Current Company Statement to check the Officer details are present and correct compared to ASIC's database. If the details entered within the form does not match ASIC records or those details are missing from ASIC a 492 Mistake Correction form will need to be lodged to correct/add the details. Once ASIC's records now show the correct details you will then be able to proceed with the form.

Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Lodgements > click on the Company Name > click Edit Document or Amend the Document > click Next Step until you get to the last page > click Complete > this will take you back to the Collaborations Page > click Lodge.


Should you require any additional support, contact our customer service team.

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