Rejection Error: V999 Effective date is prior to the start of this record

If your form has been rejected with this error, to proceed with lodgement, follow the steps outlined below: 

Item 07m//ZSC//2019-08-01

V999 Effective date is prior to the start of this record

     Company did not issue shares prior to this effective date 08/01/2019


Step 1: Navigate to the company profile (Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies > search for the company name > click See Full Profile). Check the date that the same Class of Shares were first issued. In the below example the original date that the A Class Shares were first Issued is 28/02/2019.


Step 2: Navigate back to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Lodgements > Incomplete and click the name of the company with the rejected form.

Step 3: Click "Amend the Document":


Step 4: Check the date entered as "Date of Issue". The below example is prior to the date above. Therefore, this date needs to be changed to either the same date as the original issue (take into note the late fees that may apply) or a date after the original issue:


Step 5: Once this has been amended the you can proceed with re-submitting the lodgement:


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