Downloading partially signed documents sent via Electronic Signing

Once the form has been sent for electronic signing, you can view the progress, and download partially signed documents if required.

The partially signed documents can be downloaded from the collaboration page


Click the "View Status" tab under Integrations for Electronic Signing :


When forms are signed by each signatory, the signing status will appear as "Signed":


To view the partially signed document, click "Download Files":



A zip file containing the documents will be downloaded:



Downloading after updating custom DocuSign account

Where the DocuSign credentials have been updated, either by following How to connect a custom DocuSign account or How do I disconnect my custom DocuSign account in my NowInfinity account?, the signing envelopes issued through the prior credentials will no longer be downloadable.

Voiding the current signing envelope and re-sending will allow for the new signing envelope to be download as normal.

Note: Any partial signing completed on the prior envelope will be void and lost.

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