Lodgement Tabs explained


On the Lodgement page,  what information is available on the tabs?


Below is an explanation of the information available on each lodgement tab.


 Incomplete Tab:

Documents that are waiting to be lodged are in the "Incomplete" tab:

  • documents in "Draft" status
  • documents in "Waiting for signature" status
  • documents in "Signing" status
  • documents in "Transmitted" status
  • documents in "Rejected" status

Lodged/Complete Tab:

Documents submitted to ASIC and documents processed by ASIC are in the 'Lodged / Completed' tab:

  • documents in "Lodged" status
  • documents in "Registered" status - there are the registered Company formation documents
  • documents in "Pending" status

Scheduled Tab:

Documents with a scheduled lodgement, lodgement date which is in future, for documents such as "Change of change" with a future date inputted on the form
Only documents in "Scheduled" status are in the tab.

All Tab:

All the created ASIC documents and Registered Companies are in the "All" tab including Solvency Resolutions documents (Annual statement received for Companies).

Burning Tab:

Burning tab becomes available on the Lodgement page when at least one document with an upcoming or missed Lodgement deadline is available.
Counter on the "Burning" tab shows the number of burning documents in the tab considering date range.

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