Rejection Code V444 - Referring to Multiple Addresses

Rejection error : V444 - Address validation failed for the following reasons. Multiple possible entries found please select from the following list: 19 Sample Street VIC 3000 - 29 Sample Street VIC 3000

This Rejection can occur for the following changes:

- This error occurs when the address that has been entered isn’t a valid address according to ASIC’s records and consists of multiple address possibilities.

- In the example above you can see that the address has been entered as 19-29 Sample Street and ASIC have provide 2 addresses that can be chosen in accordance with their records. 19 Sample Street VIC 3000 - 29 Sample Street COLLINGWOOD VIC 3000.


In order to proceed with the lodgement of the form the address would need to reflect one of the addresses that ASIC have provided in rejection. 

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