What is the best way to avoid a late fee?

There are several features available via the platform to ensure lodgements and Annual Statement deadlines are not missed. 

We highly recommend to routinely check the Annual Statements list in your Corporate Messenger as well as the options below. 

Burning Tab

The Summary

The ASIC Calendar

Notification Center

Companies with Debt


Burning Tab


Go to Menu > Lodgements > 'Burning' tab 





The ‘Burning' tab displays all forms with a lodgement deadline coming within the next 10 days or overdue. If you would like to amend the effective date of the form in order to avoid a late fee, click on the Company name to open the documentation and click on ‘Amend the Document’.


Annual Statements

Navigate to Menu > Annual Statement > 'Burning' tab

The ‘Burning' tab will display all Annual Statements with a deadline within the next 10 days. This includes Annual Statements that are overdue and the late fee is due within the next 10 days.


The Summary

Navigate to Menu > Product Settings > Summary

The Summary, also known as the Daily Summary, can be used as a report on different activities. These include lodgement and Annual Statement deadlines within Corporate Messenger. The Daily Summary report can be sent either Daily, Weekly or Monthly to the ASIC Contact.





You can choose to include the following in the Summary:

  • ‘Forms Due to Lodge’ to be notified of all 484 forms that have less than 7 days left to lodge before a late fee will be applied.
  • 'Annual Fee Will Be Applied Soon' to be notified of all Companies that will receive a late fee due for an Annual Statement.  


The ASIC Calendar

The ASIC Calendar is available under the Productivity section of the Menu.


The ASIC Calendar enables you to check the lodgement and payment deadlines for ASIC forms and Annual statements.

Red: The payment deadline date of an Annual statement for a Company with debt.

Pink: Payment deadline of an Annual statement for a Company with no debt.

Orange: Lodgement deadline for an ASIC form.

If several deadlines are on the same date, a list of documents will appear as collapsed and can be expanded by clicking on ‘ + x­­ MORE’.



Notification Center

Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Notification Center.

The Notification Center stores the Company Debt report which is run daily. You can view each debt report which will provide an estimate when late fees may apply.



Companies with Debt

Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies > click on the 'Companies with Debt' tab. This page will provide all Companies with existing debts and estimates of when fees may be applied, similar to the Notification Center debt report.



Fees to pay ASAP

Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Companies > click on the 'Fees to pay ASAP' tab. This page will provide all Companies with overdue debts.



Click here if a late fee has been incurred and you would like to apply to ASIC for a fee waiver.

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