List of forms available for electronic lodgement or for paper lodgement only

When the electronic lodgement isn’t available, an additional message is shown on the first tab of the form:

List of forms that can be lodged electronically:

  • Form 201 (Application for registration as an Australian company)
  • Form 205A (Company name change)
  • Form 410B (Reserve a new name for this company)
  • Form 410F (Extend company name reservation)
  • Form 484A1 (Address Change)
  • Form 484A2 (Officer / Shareholder Name Change)
  • Form 484B1 (Cessation of Officeholder)
  • Form 484B2 (Appointment of Officeholder)
  • Form 484B12 (Appointment and Resignation of Officers)
  • Form 370 (Notification of Resignation)
  • Form 362 (Cease a Registered Agent)
  • Form 361 (Agent ceasing to act for a company)
  • Form 484C1 (Share Cancellation)
  • Form 484C2 (Share Issue)
  • Form 484C3 (Transfer of Shares)
  • Form 484E (Extended Form – Appointment of Officeholder, Cessation of Officeholder, Transfer of Shares, Address Change)
  • Form 484A3 (Ultimate Holding Company Change)
  • Form 484B3 (Company Status Change)
  • Form 6010 (Deregistration)
  • Form 492 (Correction form)
  • Form 902 (Notification of additional information)
  • Form RA71 (Company Statement Request)
  • Form RA63 (Company Dept Report Request)
  • Form RA65 (Request Documents Lodged Report)
  • Form RA67 (Debt Report)
  • Form RA61 (Date Report)

List of forms that can be emailed to

  • Form RA01 (Register, Change Details or Cease as an Agent)

List of forms that can be lodged via paper only:

  • Form 280 (Notification of Share Buy-back Details)
  • Form 281 (Intention to Carry Out a Share Buy-back)
  • Form 2205 (Notification of Resolution Regarding Shares)
  • Form 106 (Request to Withdraw a Lodged Document)
  • Form 388 (Copy of Financial Statements and Reports)
  • Form 404 (Change to Agent of a Foreign Company)
  • Form RA04 (Direct Debit Request for Registered Agents)

Forms for paper lodgement should be posted to:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

PO Box 4000

Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

When a form cannot be lodged electronically but can be prepared on NowInfinity, the option to mark the form as lodged is available under the ‘Lodgement’ tab.

Navigate to Menu > Lodgements. Select the form, click on the three dots function, and ‘Mark as Lodged’.



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