How to edit the Contact Information in Company Profile

Navigate to Menu > Companies > Select the Company Profile you wish to update


Scroll down to "Contact Information" and click "Edit".2023-07-04_15h38_021.png


Within this section, you can enter the Signing and Billing contact details for the company. The section is optional, however it's strongly recommended to enter this information for notifications created by the NowInfinity platform. 

  • Signing Contact - the person responsible for the Company correspondence
  • Billing Contact - the person to receive billing related notifications, eg payment reminders for Annual Statements.

If the contact is a Company Officer, their name will be available in the "Name" drop down. Their details will pre-fill, and their contact information can be added/edited if required.


If the Billing Contact is different to the Signing Contact, their details can be added separately. Therefore, the Signing Contact will receive correspondence of the Company while the Billing Contact will receive billing related notifications for the company.

If the Billing Contact is not a Company Officer, select "Other Contact" in the "Name" drop down and enter their details manually.


Select "Save" to continue.


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