How to change the Annual Statement Signatory / Chairperson

Navigate to Menu > Annual Statements:


Search for and click into the applicable Annual Statement.

Click the "Refresh" tab:


Ensure "Minutes" are selected as the "Document Type". The Directors will then be listed and you can select who the Chairperson / Signatory should be.


Click "Save" to apply changes:


The selected signatory will now be displayed in the documents.


Note: Below is the logic of how the system identifies the Chairperson

  1. If there is a Signing Contact stored in the company profile.
  2. If there's no Signing Contact, however there's a Billing Contact, the Billing Contact will be appointed as the chairperson. Given that Billing Contact is a Director of the Company.
  3.  If there's no Billing Contact or if the Billing Contact is not a Director, the first Director in the Company Statement will be selected as the signatory of the Solvency Minutes.
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