Introducing Managing Transactions in Corporate Messenger

NowInfinity’s Corporate Messenger has always been your comprehensive solution for corporate compliance, streamlining ASIC compliance tasks like annual statements, debt reminders, and all lodgement documents. With the introduction of Managing Transactions, we're taking your capacity to manage companies at scale to new heights. 

Elevating your compliance management 

Managing Transactions is designed to enrich your Corporate Messenger experience by introducing a set of advanced functionalities aimed at making your corporate compliance management even more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly. 

Key enhancements

  • Align your shareholding and unit holding practices with the highest standards of corporate compliance through enhanced management and reporting capabilities. 
  • Bid farewell to cumbersome processes. Our upgrade streamlines your ability to interact with historical data, making it simpler to generate precise shareholder balances and dividend statements. 
  • With the improved grouping of share balances, you can now validate information with ASIC more effectively, ensuring accuracy and compliance. 
  • Gain more control as the system empowers you to reconcile balances and identify discrepancies easily. 
  • Projected balances and point-in-time summaries provide foresight, allowing you to view and manage transactions ahead of time, planning with confidence. 
  • Incremental enhancements to the user interface address long-standing customer pain points, creating a more intuitive and satisfying experience.


Why Managing Transactions? 

The addition of Managing Transactions is our response to the evolving needs of corporate compliance management. Drawing directly from user feedback and the latest technological advancements, this feature aims to not just meet but exceed your expectations for managing corporate compliance efficiently. 

Leveraging the new features 

To facilitate a smooth transition to Managing Transactions, our full Knowledge Base has been updated. We've created new guides specifically addressing the updates brought by Managing Transactions, ensuring you have access to the most current and relevant information. Additionally, we've revised and gathered existing resources that are impacted by these changes, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to assist you. 

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