What's New November 2023

New Releases

Corporate Messenger

Form 492 - Request for Correction

  • The wording in the interview form has been refined to improve overall clarity.
  • We have made it easier to complete the amendment details box, by enabling more flexibility when inputting text, and in the event where the text exceeds the available space, it will automatically transfer to an annexure to ensure completeness and improved readability.

New Signing Date field for ASIC Forms

A ‘Date of Signature’ field has been added to the collaboration page to record the date the ASIC form was signed by the authorised officeholder.

  • For forms signed electronically via the NowInfinity platform, the date of signature is automatically recorded using the electronic signing date.
  • For forms signed outside of the NowInfinity platform, the date can be input in the designated field at the time of lodging the form.
  • The ‘Date of Signature’ field is required for ASIC and is therefore marked as a mandatory field to complete. § For more information, please click here.

Documentation Suite

  • The recently introduced ‘Standard’ legal review tier for the SMSF Deed of Variation (only) now includes a Legal Review Letter specifically for the ‘Standard’ tier, to provide clarity on the service inclusions. 
  • SMSF Change of Name and SMSF Change of Trustee

    Both interview forms now include a reminder to notify the ATO of the changes via the different methods available (e.g. Tax Agent Portal, phone, etc)

  • New “Scoped” Legal review tier available for SMSF Deed of Variation

    The “Scoped” legal review provides an additional tier for the SMSF Deed of Variation with the legal services provider ensuring that the correct clause numbers, parties and changes are reflected in the generated documents and comply with the relevant provisions of the Deed.

Super Comply

In this release, we have made the following further improvements to Super Comply with the aim to provide you with additional tools to easily manage your SMSFs: 

  • The variation clause field will now automatically update to clause 17 after an SMSF Deed of Variation is prepared and signed. 
  • We have improved the user experience, enabling easier and quicker access to key tasks. You can now request an update of the SMSF Deed or download the current SMSF Deed directly from the fund register page.  

Fixes and Enhancements 

  • Small typographical errors in the interview form and the preview document for Form 388 have been corrected. 
  • When exporting data about the allotments for a unit trust, the certificate number now appears in both the PDF and Excel report. 
  • Trusts will now archive or unarchive in the Trust Register when selecting the relevant option without needing to refresh the page. 
  • Implemented new messaging for the cover letter page to make it easier for users to troubleshoot errors. 
  • GreatSoft has changed to MYOB Practice Management. Due to this change, we have updated the relevant references in Corporate Messenger, the Settings page and the Notification Centre. 
  • When exporting from the companies with debts page, the debt amounts are now included in the Excel report. 
  • The signatory’s name will now populate correctly where there is an apostrophe in the last name. 
  • Borders will no longer show in the signatory section if a document was edited using the online editor functionality. 
  • We have updated our library of postcodes to reflect the correct postcode for Herbert in the Northern Territory. 
  • A fix has been applied to the “Online Editor” to prevent blank pages appearing.

  • Where a Form 484 is prepared together with a Form 362, the contact person from Form 362 will automatically flow through to the Form 484.

For more information about our latest releases, please click here.

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