Annual Review date change


Will changing my review date result in two Annual Reviews for the year?


There are some cases where you may need to change your Annual Review date (i.e. to align dates across Companies). A request to change a review date will be considered if the Company or Companies have:  

  • A common Ultimate Holding Company
  • A common Officeholder
  • A common Responsible Entity
  • Exceptional circumstances

ASIC will not change the Annual Review date to assist a Registered Agent in managing their workload (i.e. spread the review dates of the Companies represented evenly across the year). 


The logic in NowInfinity Annual Statements:

Changing your review date can result in two Annual Reviews in the first financial year.


Current review date is: March

New review date is: July

  • The first Annual Statement issued by ASIC for the original review date will be Received in Corporate Messenger. An email notification will sent on the original review date if you opted to receive email notifications whenever a new Annual Statement is Received in Corporate Messenger.

Note: When we receive the Annual Statement, the system automatically shows the Annual Statement in Corporate Messenger with the correct payment deadline and received date.

  • Another Annual Statement will be received in July, that is because the Form 488 requesting to change the review date from March to July was lodged. If the Form 488 lodged before the current review date and before the requested month for the new review date, ASIC will send two Annual Statements for that year. One during the current review date and the second is on the new review date. The difference is the 2nd Annual Statement will have a $0 fee.

Note: To avoid this scenario it is advisable that the Form 488 is lodged after the current review date and after the new review date they want.

Safest month to lodge the Form 488 is: after July (as per the scenario above). So in next Financial Year,  ASIC will only issue one Annual Statement and that will be next July. 

Find more information regarding changing the review date of a Company here.

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