What's New June 2022

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Documentation Suite

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality legal documents and expanding our legal capabilities to meet the demands of our fast-growing client base, we have made further updates to the following templates/features: 

Client Legal Review

Listening to your feedback, we have simplified additional legal review options available on documents. Data Confirmation is now only available on entity establishment documents (Company, SMSF, Discretionary Trust and Unit Trust) as it is not applicable to non-establishment documents. 


Please click here for more information on Client Legal Review. Client Legal Review service is currently in Beta - please complete this form with the required fields to participate. 


General Enhancements

  • We updated the Company Profile, so discrepancies found is the first thing you see when you open the profile. Issues found when last comparing information stored in NowInfinity to ASIC will be clearly displayed highlighting 484 changes in progress, shareholding discrepancies, companies being deregistered and archived. 
  • We fixed an issue where users could still view Edit Online History after amending a document to recreate PDF files. 
  • We fixed an issue with NowInfinity’s integration with GreatSoft to ensure a Company added to GreatSoft from NowInfinity has Office Costing, Secretarial and Tax checkboxes ticked under Client Services. 
  • Director ID letter, included with new company registrations and officeholder appointments, has been updated with the latest version supplied by ABRS. 
  • Other minor bug fixes: 
    • Annual statement not remerging with correct address for officeholders 
    • Issue adding a new established fund to Class Super 
    • Service Address not included on Business Name registration form 
    • Annual statement missing officeholder’s signature block 
    • Issue with viewing Edit Online history 
    • Incorrect New Appointer details when completing Change of Appointer form via Trust Register 
    • Incorrect company and agent details included on form 362 
    • Incorrect unit transactions being displayed on Unit Register 
    • Issue affecting ability to check name availability 
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