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Client Legal Review

NowInfinity is launching an enhanced Client Legal Review (CLR) service. This robust, fit-for-purpose solution provides you and your clients peace of mind when obtaining legal sign-off on your documents.

CLR will be available as an optional add-on service, with our legal services provider DGF Morgan & Associates.  CLR is designed to provide you and your clients with an extra layer of legal protection when provisioning documents from our platform.

There are three levels of legal reviews that you can now choose to add optionally to your document order.  Depending on the level required by you and your clients, a fixed cost is added to the price of the document.

  • Data Confirmation - When your data entered is to be reviewed by the legal services provider. E.g. Establishment of Discretionary Trust to pick up legal issues e.g. with the Settlor being a beneficiary apparent from the information entered.
  • Scope Review - When the document produced is to be reviewed in light of particular concern(s) identified by you. E.g. Amendment to the beneficiaries described in the discretionary trust before the trust deed is signed.
  • Comprehensive Review - When the entire situation of your client needs to be considered. E.g. Change of Trustee where one of the necessary parties to the documents is deceased or deregistered and legal advice is necessary or recommended.

Client Legal Review is in a closed beta. We plan to roll out broadly in the coming months. If you’re interested in the feature, please register your interest here and someone from the customer service team will be in touch with further details on the beta program.

For more information check out our FAQs page.


Documentation Suite

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality legal documents and expanding our legal capabilities to meet the demands of our fast-growing client base, we have made further updates to NSW Land Tax Unit Trust document:

  • to modernise the wording of the deed
  • strengthen the existing clauses and provide further clarification



Documentation Suite

  • We have updated wording on the execution page for Trust & SMSF documents to make reference to signing parties as “The Trustee”.
  • Fixed Unit Trust and NSW Land Tax Unit Trust documents have been updated, witnessing is no longer required for Application for Allotment and Unit Certificate.
  • Fixed an issue where the State or Country of Birth was found missing on the Company Registration document when the user went back to the previous page where this information was already entered.

Corporate Messenger

  • Events are now automatically created in Timeline for ASIC forms marked as Signed in the Lodgements page.
  • @Username code for Document E-signing Completed email template will now use the first name or preferred name (if available) instead of the full name.
  • @Username code for Annual Statement Payment Reminder email template will now use the first name or preferred name (if available) instead of the full name.
  • An error message preventing users to move to the next step when transferring an NBO share has now been resolved.
  • The name of the person authorized to sign on behalf of a shareholder in the company profile will no longer be deleted when the user removes or edits the name of the beneficial owner for the NBO share.
  • We fixed the missing line in the share transform table when using the Online Editor functionality.
  • We fixed an issue where the amount paid entered for an Allotment reverted to the old value after editing.
  • NowInfinity Support link in the order form for a Public Company is now working.
  • The validation error for rejected Form 484s has been fixed.
  • Postcode for Mount Duneed Victoria now prefills correctly for all ASIC forms.
  • The corporate key will now automatically prefill on ASIC forms if already entered in the company profile.


  • The collaboration page will no longer show duplicate contact information when you push data to Class Super.


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