POST Billpay reference number missing


Why is the POST Billpay reference number missing from an Annual Statement and Company Profile?


POST Billpay information for a Company is not part of the data transmitted from ASIC to NowInfinity when a Form 362 is lodged to appoint the ASIC Agent. It is only transmitted when Annual Statement/Solvency Resolutions are issued, or if an ASIC Invoice is issued.

Therefore, a newly added Company to your Companies list will not display a POST Billpay reference number until the next Annual Statement/Solvency Resolutions is issued by ASIC (even if you re-merge the Annual Statement), or an ASIC Invoice is generated, eg for a late fee.

In the meantime, to pay a debt for the Company via POST Billpay, click here for ASIC's "Payment Options" page, where you can make payment.

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