Company Statement


How can I download a current Company Statement from NowInfinity?


  1. Navigate to Menu > Companies
  2. Search for the Company you wish to download the Company Statement for, and open full profile:

  3. Hover over "Agent Services"

  4. Select "Form RA71, Company Statement Request"

  5. The form will open, select "Current Company Statement" from the "Information to be requested" dropdown:

  6. Complete the rest of the form, and click "Complete"

    Please allow approximately 15-20 minutes for ASIC to transmit the data

  7. Navigate to Menu > Notification Center. You will see the Company Statement at the top of the list. (If is not there yet the data transmission from ASIC is still in progress.)

  8. Click the 3 dots to the right of the Company Statement and select "See Documentation":

  9. The line will expand and allow you to download the PDF Company Statement:

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