How do the Post Billpay and Bpay options work?


How do the Post Billpay and Bpay options work? 


All ASIC fees and payment information will be detailed in the ASIC invoice, which is included in all Annual Statement documentation.

The Post Billpay and Bpay option found on the Annual Statement profile, allows you to access payment details in one click and to either pay on behalf of your client or to forward your client a link to pay directly online via the Post Billpay website.

1. To access this option, navigate to Menu > Annual Statements

2. Open an Annual Statement by clicking on the Company Name and click 'pay'.



Who to contact for queries on Post Billpay

For any queries in relation to your payment via Post Billpay, call 1300 137 678 or fill in a payment enquiry form by clicking here.


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