Generating a payslip

If the company has an outstanding debt with ASIC, the amount of the debt will appear under the Debt section of the company profile.


"Check Debt": The companies debt should update each day.

You have the option to click on "Check Debt" to send a request to ASIC’s financial database (to refresh the debt of this company).

"Generate a payslip": Click this option to generate a "draft" payslip.

The payslip is created by Corporate Messenger. While it is replicated as an ASIC invoice, it is only a replica and the actual invoice will still be issued by ASIC.

Your clients can pay using the Corporate Messenger "draft" payslip.


Select the reason for the payslip from the drop-down box. The amount will automatically be pre-filled but can be changed if necessary.


Untick "Include existing debt" check box if you do not want all other existing debt for this company to be added to the individual payslip.


Then click on "Download".

Payslip sample


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