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How can I view the share allotments and transactions within the Company Profile?


Open the full Company Profile by navigating to Menu > Companies.

Click on the name of a Company and select "See Full Profile".

For more information about the share structure, the shares allotments and the share transactions, click on the drop-down box and select "Shares".


The Company share structure provides the following information about the shares:

  • Share class(es)
  • Share description
  • Number of shares issued
  • Total amount paid
  • Total amount unpaid


The Allotments Table shows the share information for each shareholder.

It includes:

  • Share class
  • Quantity
  • Amount paid and unpaid per share
  • Share numbers (Share Certificates) - this is left blank however can be completed by user (optional)
    Note: Share Certificates will be added to the Allotments Table if a share transaction has occurred within NowInfinity eg a 484 Transfer of Shares form
  • Share issue date - the date is pre-filled if the issue of shares was made on Corporate Messenger. If outside of Corporate Messenger, you can add the date manually.

 Data in the Allotments Table can be edited.


Data must match with ASIC records. Otherwise mismatched records are highlighted. For ease of comparison the ASIC value is highlighted in bold.


The allotment table cannot be edited if there are pending or un-lodged forms, which may affect the share structure of the Company. You will receive the following warning when the Allotments Table cannot be edited.


Share certificates

This section is left blank by default. To edit the section, click on the pen icon and enter the last certificate number.


The next time you prepare a share document (ie: a share issue), if you have a certificate number, by clicking "Yes" it will automatically put the next number.



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