Welcome to the Trust Register

Welcome to the NowInfinity’s Trust Register.

Trust Register is our solution to removing the risks associated with managing trusts and making things simple. Trust Register has been designed to take full advantage of the platform’s automation, customization and communication features.

Trust Register allows the creation of trust-related documents, including establishment, issue, cancel, transfer of, appointment and removal of trustees, vesting and other trust administration processes in an efficient and streamlined way.

Key Benefits:

  1. Storing all your Trust information in the one cloud-based location. Track all changes made to your trusts and keep up to date ‘real-time’. All future changes made to a trust will automatically be added to your trusts profile and register, whether prescribing additional units or changing a unitholder.
  1. Trust Timeline: Trust Register will create a personalised timeline for every trust where you can easily see a snapshot of all historical changes made. You also can upload and store any other documents to this timeline, creating a true repository.
  1. Trust Maintenance: Standardise the documents you use to maintain your client’s trust structures. Trust Register will give you easy access to maintenance documents for each trust. 
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