How to remerge Annual Statements


How can I remerge an Annual Statement?


The remerge functionality allows you to refresh the Annual Statement with any updated changes that may have occurred for the Company since the original Annual Statement was issued.

For more information, refer to the instructions below:

Note: The remerge functionality will not generate the original ASIC invoice, in order to restore the invoice please download and save a copy before proceeding with the remerge option. Otherwise alternatively, if the Annual Statement was received within the last 60 days you can use the RA71 Re-issue Annual Statement to pull through a copy of the ASIC Invoice.

1. Annual Statements received on NowInfinity can be accessed via Menu > Annual Statements:


2. Search for the Company and click the 3 dots to the right of that row. Select "Remerge AS":




3. A popup will appear, if you have un-lodged changes (eg an address change) that you wish to be included in the re-merged Annual Statement, tick "Include Unlodged Changes" and select the "Confirm" button.


4. The Annual Statement will now be remerged and accessible. 

Note: It is important to note that it can take ASIC up to 48 hours to update the debt within NowInfinity. Sometimes when an Annual Statement is remerged the debt will show as $0 within the invoice. It is recommended to check the documents before sending for signing to ensure the debt is showing. If the Annual Statement is sent for signing while the debt is showing as $0 within the invoice the payment reminders will not generate.

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