How to attach custom documents to Annual Statements


How can I upload additional documents to an Annual Statement before sending it for signing?


  1. Navigate to Menu > Corporate Messenger > Annual Statements
  2. Select the "Send" section to expand
  3. When sending the Annual Statement via Email or DocuSign, you have the option to attach up to three additional files, such as your own invoice.2023-12-14_10h47_43.png

Note: The file size for the combined additional documents can be no more than 8 MB.

Should you wish to check if the custom document has attached, under the Electronic Signing section select "Download Files". This will download the files within the current e-signing envelope, there you will be able to see the custom attach file/s.

Note: Custom attachments will not appear under the "Documents Available" section after the Annual Statement has been e-signed.

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