How to use the search functionality

Menu > Companies List


There are 2 possible search functions using this table:

  • Local search: allows you to search through the table content only. This will start as soon as you begin typing a letter. The search functionality will find companies with corresponding information appearing.

Note: The difference between a local search and an advanced search is by hitting the enter button.

  • Advanced search: to use this search function enter at least 3 letters and press enter. This will search all data within Corporate Messenger and present you with a list of matches.


You can search for the following:

  • Company names;
  • Names of officer, shareholders;
  • Addresses (registered address, principal place of business address, officer or shareholders address)
  • Family Group
  • Reference Number (from the company profile)


TIP: If you would like to see all companies associated with a client, please do the following:

Navigate to Menu > Companies. Use the advanced search to search for your client’s name. You do not need to enter the full name. Press enter and a list of companies to which this person is associated as a director or as a shareholder will be displayed.




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