How to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA provides an extra level of security for your NowInfinity login, as it requires an authentication code as well as your email address and password.

A unique verification code can be accessed via your mobile phone (SMS or app) or computer (desktop app/extension). 

Setting up MFA

There are four ways to set up your NowInfinity MFA when logging in for the first time. 

1. Google Authenticator (Google Chrome browser)
2. Google Authenticator (phone)
3. Phone Authenticator (SMS)
4. Desktop Authenticator (desktop)


Note: MFA will be required to be completed every time you log into your NowInfinity account.


Google Authenticator (Google Chrome browser)

Step 1. Select Google Authenticator 


Step 2. Install the Google Authenticator App on your Google Chrome browser.

Ensure you are using the Google Chrome browser and click the "Google Authenticator App" link in Step 1 via the "Turn on 2-Step Verification" pop-up (as displayed above). 

You will be redirected to the Google Chrome web store.



Click 'Add to Chrome", then click "Add extension" when the "Add GAuth Authenticator?" pop-up appears. 

The GAuth Authenticator has now been installed as an extension on your Google Chrome browser (top right of the browser). A pop-up with "GAuth Authenticator has been added to Chrome" will appear, click the 'x' button at the top right of this pop-up to close. 

Step 3. Open the extension and add your NowInfinity MFA.

Click the "G" icon and click "GAuth Authenticator" to open the extension.



Click on the pencil icon at the top right of the page and an "Add" button will appear. Click the "Add" button.

To retrieve the Account name and Secret key, go back to the NowInfinity platform and click "or enter your key manually" via the "Turn on 2-Step Verification" pop-up (as displayed in Step 1). This will reveal the details which you can then apply to the GAuth Authenticator. 


Step 4. On the NowInfinity platform, click "Confirm" and you will be prompted to provide the verification code. Click the "G" icon again to open the "GAuth Authenticator" extension and retrieve your verification code to apply to the NowInfinity platform. 


Google Authenticator (phone)

Step 1. Select Google Authenticator 


Step 2. Install the Google Authenticator App on your phone (via the App Store or Google Play).

Alternatively, on your computer, ensure you are using the Google Chrome browser and click "Google Authenticator App" via the "Turn on 2-Step Verification" pop-up (as displayed above). 

Follow the prompts and this will be installed as a Google Chrome extension on your Google Chrome browser. You will be able to access the verification code by easily clicking on the Google Authenticator App icon at the top right of your browser.

Step 3. Open the app and select to scan a barcode or to enter a provided key. 


Step 4. If you have selected to scan a barcode, scan the barcode provided on the NowInfinity MFA pop-up from Step 1. If you have selected to enter a provided key, on the NowInfinity MFA pop-up click on "or enter your key manually". This will provide you with your email address and a key. 

In the mobile app, enter your Account name (email address) and your key and click "Add".


Step 5. The mobile app will present a verification code which you will need to enter into the NowInfinity website.

After entering the security code, you will be logged into the NowInfinity website.

Contact us for any assistance required.


Phone Authenticator (for Australian mobile numbers) 

Note: Some changes have been made to this authentication method

Step 1. Select Phone Authenticator 


Step 2. Enter your phone number (Australian (+61) mobile number), and you will receive an SMS from NowInfinity with a verification code to enter on the website. 

After entering the verification code, you will be logged into the NowInfinity website.


Desktop Authenticator (if you do not have access to a phone)

If you do not have access to a phone, you can download a desktop authenticator app.

We recommend WinAuth. The steps below describe how to download and use WinAuth. 

Using WinAuth as Google Authenticator on PC

Step 1. Click the following link on your PC.

Step 2. Click on the link/zip file under the following message:

“This is the latest stable version of WinAuth.”


This will automatically start to download the .zip file


Step 3: Click on the .zip file (if not showing in your browser go to your Downloads folder).

Right click on the .exe file and copy it to your desktop (this is for opening the application after installation).

Double-click on the WinAuth.exe file.

Note: If you have trouble installing an exe file on your machine, you may need to speak with your I.T. team


Step 4: To use Google Authenticator in WinAuth, click on the button “Add” and select the option “Google.”


This action will open the Google Authenticator configuration window. Here you need to enter the shared key given by Google to get the TOTP.


Step 5: To get your secure key, make sure multi-factor authentication is enabled for your Account in the NowInfinity system, go to the NowInfinity login page. The NowInfinity Customer Service team can help to enable multi-factor authentication for your Account.

Input your login (email) and password to access NowInfinity and click on the "Login" button.

A 2-factor authentication set up window will appear with "Google authentication" tab opened by default:


 Click on "enter your key manually" link to receive a key:


 Step 6: Once copied, paste the secret code in the WinAuth window


Step 7: Click on the button “Verify Authenticator” to generate the time-based one-time password.

Don’t forget to add a meaningful name to this account as it helps you differentiate when you have multiple Google Authenticator accounts.


As soon as you click on the “Ok” button, WinAuth will open the Protection window that allows you to set a password to encrypt the files saved by WinAuth. This ensures any unauthorised access will be blocked. 


Step 8: Simply enter the password twice and click on the “Ok” button to save changes.

Alternatively, you can also set WinAuth to encrypt files so that it can only be used on a particular computer, although using password protection is much more viable.


Step 9: From this point forward you can use the Google Authenticator on your PC using WinAuth.


Step 10: Copy the generated code and revert back to NowInfinity's system to proceed with Google authenticator set up.

On the "multi-factor authentication set up" window click on the "Confirm" button to close the window and complete set up.

A form for inputting a one-time password is then opened:


Step 11: Click on the "Confirm" button to proceed and login into NowInfinity's system

Contact us if further assistance is required. 



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