What's New May 2024

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What's New - May 2024

Documentation Suite 

  • The Trust Distribution documentation has been enhanced to reference trustees having considered their fiduciary duties when determining the distributions of trust income to beneficiaries. 
  • The Trustee Consent and Member Application forms have been enhanced to accommodate additional parties, i.e. minors, who can now be added to the SMSF with the consent of a parent or guardian. 

Corporate Messenger 

  • Users now can specify the 'appointing party' (Director or Members) when making changes for the appointment of an officer, based on their constitution. This feature is reflected in forms 484 B2, B12, 484 E, and bundle changes, providing greater flexibility and customisation options. 
  • ASIC forms have been updated to streamline the generation of documents (minutes/resolutions) for director appointments, considering the appointing party (director or members). This customisation ensures precise documentation aligned with specific appointment scenarios. 
  • The system has been upgraded to handle scenarios with a single officeholder director and a single shareholder more effectively. 
  • The form titles for 484E and 484B12 have been refined to enhance clarity and user understanding. These updates aid users to identify and select the appropriate form. 

Fixes and Enhancements 

  • Resolved an issue where the Google Authenticator QR code appeared blank when setting up Multi-Factor Authentication. 
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