What's New March 2024

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What's New - March 2024

Continuing with our commitment to enhancing the user interface (UI), we have implemented several improvements to elevate the visual experience within the application.

Fixes and Enhancements                                                           

Corporate Messenger                                                         

  • Corrected form 484 B3 where incorrect late fees were appearing.
  • Removed name validation on Director’s name, to prevent validation issues when sending Annual Statements for e-signing.
  • Updated form 2205 document description and late fees information.
  • Improved consistency between the Annual Statement Cover Letter name and the assigned cover letter.
  • Resolved issues related to the cover letter and or invoices not appearing, even though selected.
  • Fixed a problem where the Authorised Signing Date does not clear when e-signing is voided.

Super Comply

  • ABN and DOB are now prepopulated in forms if saved on the fund profile.
  • Improved the alignment on the Fund Timeline with the corresponding event.
  • Implemented validations to prevent events prior to the Fund Establishment date being added to the Timeline.
  • Removed restriction to update fund details with an establishment date in the future.
  • Improved error messaging when adding to Super Comply from the collaboration page.
  • Entities with an 'Archived' and 'Prospects Only' status are now excluded when importing from XPM.

Documentation Suite

  • We remade the Variation Clause optional for the SMSF deed of variation form.

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