What's New February 2024

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Super Comply

In this month’s release, we continue to deliver further enhancements to Super Comply.  

  • The following validations have been added or improved to ensure compliant and complete SMSF records:  
    • Age of individual trustees to confirm they are at least 18 years old; 
    • Maximum number of members; 
    • Removed the fund completion validation, including the 'ready %' indicator and 'fund incomplete' banner, from both the fund register and individual fund details screens, simplifying the interface while maintaining the integrity of fund data entry and presentation; and 
    • Marking the superannuation fund document as signed cannot have a signing date in the future.  
  • In addition, several enhancements have been made to minimise clicks and make the overall user experience more intuitive.  
    • You can now easily edit across fund information, trustees, and members from within the fund profile; 
    • Instant feedback on XPM import on the success or failure along with detailed reasons for each outcome in the import report; 
    • Legal Personal Representative (LPR) for members over 18 without legal capacity to sign have been added to the fund profile; 
    • The ABN field has been changed from mandatory to optional during fund addition; and 
    • Updates to trustee names, including middle names, are automatically reflected in member records, removing duplicate data entry.

Fixes and Enhancements

    • Resolved the issue where the name of the signatory dropdown was appearing empty in the Fixed Unit Trust document creation for Victoria, when only one individual trustee or one corporate trustee with one director was selected. 
    • The signing date field in the collaboration page is now read-only and automatically pre-fills when the document is marked as signed.  
    • Fixed an error that prevented ASIC form lodgement when the signing date was correctly set after the form's creation date, streamlining the lodgement process for users. 


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