What's New December 2023

New Releases

We are excited to present a fresh look for NowInfinity with this latest release. We have made subtle yet impactful changes to enhance your visual experience when using NowInfinity to elevate usability and overall aesthetics


Corporate Messenger

Annual Statement

    • Driven by valuable insights received through our Ideas Portal, we have made significant enhancements to how Annual Statements are sent to optimise efficiency whilst also providing more options to edit and customise, including the ability to:
      • Choose which documents to send with the Annual Statement,
      • Upload and attach multiple PDF files,
      • Edit the Solvency Resolution/Minute in-app for all users,
      • Add the Solvency ‘held on’ date,
      • Preview for both email and electronic signing
      • For more information, please click here.

Fixes and Enhancements 

  • Bundle actions can now be performed for a ‘change of name’ for alternate directors.
  • The annual statement settings have been simplified to create a more consistent user experience.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not save after adding additional unitholders in the trust profile page.
  • The scheduled lodgement option has now been removed as part of the updates to the new signing date for ASIC forms.

For more information about our latest releases, please click here.  

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