What's New August 2023

New Releases

Corporate Messenger

  • The 'Export to Excel' feature on the Companies page has been refined, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. The updated export options ensure a systematic display of Company and stakeholder information. For ease of reference, fields are now more logically ordered, and any missing data is designated as 'N/A', eliminating blank cells. A special focus has been placed on removing redundancies in stakeholder details, roles, and appointments for a clean and comprehensive report. Dive deeper into these features by clicking here.
  • Building on this enhancement, we are excited to introduce "Export to Excel" option specifically for shareholdings. You now can extract detailed Company shareholding data in a well-structured format. both exports now remove the need for post-export adjustments. With these enhancements, reports will readily capture essential information - from Company names and ACN to Shareholder details and beneficial ownership - in a neatly organised manner. Please click here for more information.
  • As a commitment to our continuous improvement, the following ASIC forms had a full review and have been updated with outdated components removed to ensure the interview forms and documents generated match the current requirements. Please click here for more information.
    • ASIC Form 484A1 (Address Change)
    • ASIC Form 484A2 (Officeholder/Shareholder Change of Name)
    • ASIC Form 484B1 (Cessation of Officeholder)
    • ASIC Form 484B2 (Appointment of Officeholder)
    • ASIC Form 484B12 (Cessation and Appointment of Officeholder)
    • ASIC Form 484C1 (Cancellation of Shares)
    • ASIC Form 484C2 (Issue of Shares)
    • ASIC Form 484C3 (Transfer of Shares)
    • ASIC Form 484E (Multiple changes in a Company)
  • We have enhanced the functionality in Bundle Changes which enables the user to easily make changes in multiple Companies and choose the authorising Officeholder and chairperson of the meeting for each Company.


  • We have introduced a new "burning" icon to the Service Centre menu. This will promptly alert users if there are issues with the ASIC Server, ASIC Registered Agent Portal, or the NowInfinity server, ensuring you are always informed about the health of key services.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • When you remove integrations like XPM and GreatSoft, the corresponding data integrity pins will automatically deactivate. 

  • Formatting improvements have been made to execution blocks within documents to ensure content continuity. This prevents blocks from splitting across pages, ensuring a seamless reading experience.

  • Overseas Companies now can be added as Shareholders. Where they are not among the Top 20 Shareholders in ASIC, you can now use the "Add non-ASIC Shareholder" option in the allotments table.

  • Companies under External Administration (as per ASIC status) with outstanding debts are now displayed on the "Companies with Debts" page in Corporate Messenger.

  • Individuals under 18 can now register Business Names.

For more information about our latest releases, please click here

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