Corporate Messenger: ASIC Form Enhancements

We're excited to bring you a series of significant enhancements that will greatly improve your experience on our platform. Here's a comprehensive overview of the new improvements: 

Authorisation & Declaration Tab Enhancement

We have revamped the Authorisation & Declaration tab to provide the user with greater flexibility in generating customised minutes and resolutions tailored to your Company-specific changes. These changes apply to the Forms 484A1, 484A2, 484B2, 484B12, 484C1, 484C2, 484C3 and 484E.

  • The user will now have the option to decide whether they would like to convene a meeting (in-person or via video conference) or proceed with a circulating resolution (without holding a meeting) for your ASIC-related changes. Additionally, you can choose the Chairperson, attendees, apologies, and the meeting's time and location.
  • Additionally, we've included informative cues on the tab to guide you in selecting the appropriate minute or resolution based on the responsible party for the appointment.
  • Addition of new document: Notice of meeting is generated when you opt to hold a meeting, either physically or online, for both Director's and Members' meetings.

Share Transactions

The ancillary documents and interview forms associated with share transactions have been enhanced to deliver a smoother user experience. These updates are centered around the following ASIC Forms:

  • Transfer of Shares (Form 484C3)
  • Issue of Shares (Form 484C2)
  • Cancellation of Shares (Form 484C1)
  • The questions within the interview form have been refined to enhance comprehension and clarity.
  • Supportive instruction and alters have been included at various places to assist users in accurately completing the required information.
  • The shareholding record has been updated to present both the modifications in the current transaction and the revised ownership details.

Officeholder Changes

Significant changes have been introduced to the appointment & cessation of the Officeholders.  

In addition to the choice of meeting and resolution, the text of the documents has been enhanced to reflect the change. These changes relate to the following ASIC Forms:

  • Form 484B1
  • Form 484B2
    • Director Appointment
    • Secretary Appointment
    • Alternate Director Appointment
  • Form 484B12
    • Appointment of Directors by Shareholders: While section 201H of the Corporations Act states that "Directors may appoint other directors". This is dependant on the clause 201H(2), which states "...the company [i.e. the members] must confirm the appointment by resolution within two months after the appointment is made.", this is unless permitted explicitly by the constitution. Therefore, power to appoint Directors is mostly vested in the Shareholders. In light of this, we have adjusted the functionality whereby the Members would be the party responsible to appoint Directors.
    • Appointment of Director and Secretary:  As Directors are appointed by the Members of the Company and Secretaries are appointed by the Directors of the Company. Two different set of minutes/resolution will be produced in case of Director and Secretary appointment as they are both are appointed by different parties.

Address and Name changes (Form 484A1 & Form 484A2)

The interview form has been enhanced with information snippets for more guided clarity along with text changes to the documents.


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