What's New June 2023

New Releases

Corporate Messenger

  • We understand that the end of the financial year can be a hectic period for you and ASIC. To make things easier, we have upgraded the new Service Centre to provide you with more support. As part of these improvements, we have reintroduced the 'Check Connection with ASIC' option. This feature allows you to check your connection status in case you encounter any delays when lodging with ASIC. For detailed information, please visit Service Centre Page.
  • The Summary email has now been re-enabled. The following conditions will now be in effect:
    • If the account has Corporate Messenger enabled and the ASIC connection is active, but the ASIC Contact is inactive, the Summary email will be sent to the Primary Contact associated with the account.
    • If the account has Corporate Messenger enabled but shows no recent activity, the Summary email will not be sent.
    • Non-Corporate Messenger accounts and inactive users will not receive the Summary email.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • When sending bulk email notifications for missing Director Identification Numbers, the list will now exclude deregistered companies.
  • The generated Form 2205 (Notification of Resolutions Regarding Shares), now reflects the correct paid and unpaid amounts.
  • When the Fixed Unit Trust and NSW Land Tax Unit Trust documents are electronically signed, the signing date accompanying all signatures is now displayed.

For more information about our latest releases, please click here.

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