What's New May 2023

New Releases

Documentation Suite

  • To provide a better explanation of the application of the template, we have renamed the document previously known as ‘Trust Distribution Resolution’ to ‘Trust Distribution Resolution or Minutes’. In line with this change, we have also made the necessary updates to ensure consistency across all related documents.
  • We recently made improvements to the document preview text on the ‘Create Documents’ page. Previously, hovering over a document name could cause the preview text to overlap with other document names, hindering visibility. With this update, the preview text will no longer overlap, ensuring a better user experience and allowing customers to view all document names clearly.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • An issue has been fixed where the share certificate number was not recorded in the transactions table for shares transferred via lodgement in NowInfinity.
  • Notifications when pinned are now visible via the associated tab in the Notification Centre.

For more information about our latest releases, please click here.

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