What's New April 2023

New Releases

Documentation Suite

  • To assist with determining whether a document is right for you, document descriptions continue to be added and are now available for:  
    • Rollback of Pension 
    • Investment Strategy 
    • Vesting of a Discretionary Trust 
    • Vesting of a Unit Trust
    • Public Company Limited by Shares
    • LRBA Suite 
  • To enhance the experience further, you can now preview a document description by hovering over its name on the create documents page. This will allow you to quickly determine if a particular document is suitable for your needs without having to go into the document itself.
  • We have enhanced the process for when users are required to correct rejected Company lodgements/registrations. On the rejection email notification, instead of being routed to the interview form, users will now be routed to the collaboration page to access the interview form. This will restrict access to an interview form that has already been corrected. Please refer to the how to re-submit a rejected Company Registration Knowledge Base article for more information.  

Corporate Messenger

  • Quickly identify companies that have share allotment discrepancies via the new system pin ‘Allotments Issue’ shown on the companies page. Further, the below new system pins have also been added:  
    • ‘Missed DOB’ - if a Director’s date of birth is missing from the RA72 
    • ‘Name Discrepancy’ - if there is a name format issue for an officeholder or Shareholder 
    • ‘Missed BO/NBO for Shareholder’ - if the Shareholder type is not available 
    • ‘Members Balance Issue’ - if the shares in the allotments table do not match ASIC records 
  • Form 492’s that are paper-lodged require a wet signature. To avoid ASIC rejection in cases where a Form 492 has been e-Signed and subsequently paper-lodged, a warning notification has been added in the e-Signing section.  

Fixes and Enhancements  

  • A foreign address can now be added when selecting ‘other address’ within the Annual Statement minutes. 
  • For accounts that have connected their own DocuSign account, if the access code setting is enabled, the access code for DocuSign will now appear in the collaboration page when an annual statement is sent for e-signing.  
  • The validation error message has been updated where additional details are requested for an application to be processed manually by ASIC. 


For more information about our latest releases, please click here.  


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