What's New December 2022

New Releases

Documentation Suite

  • To assist you with the correct setup of a Discretionary Trust we have enhanced the interview form and added a checkbox for you to confirm that neither the settlor nor the settlor’s children under 18 are beneficiaries of the Trust. The checkbox has been added to the following interview forms:

          o Discretionary Trust

          o Discretionary Trust (Capital reserved lineal descendant)

          o Discretionary Trust (Fully reserved lineal descendant)

  • Share Certificates across the platform have been updated to create a universal template that is aligned with ASIC and reflects the ‘Beneficial ownership status’, the ‘Total Amount Paid’, & the ‘Total Amount Unpaid’. This includes the certificates in the following ASIC forms:

          o Form 484-C1

          o Form 484-C2

          o Form 484-C3/484E

  • The SMSF Member Exit documents have been reviewed and updated and additional cautions and information have also been added to aid with the selection of the correct service.

Corporate Messenger

  • When actioning bundle changes via the Actions section in Corporate Messenger a new disclaimer has been added for e-signing.
  • The collaboration page will now reflect if documents were electronically signed and the date they were signed.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • The Investment Strategy interview form has been fixed to again allow the input of a ranged value in the ‘Range (%)’ field
  • The Director ID field will be available for an Alternate Director when they are also the Secretary
  • Marking an annual statement document as signed on the annual statements page will now also mark the document as signed on the company profile under Recent Documents
  • Removed the “how many members should this fund be setup with” from the CGT Transitional Provision Election form
  • When adding a trust to the Trust Register, the commencement and vesting dates will be auto-populated for electronically signed deeds.
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