What's New November 2022

New Releases

Documentation Suite 

  • To simplify the registration process, the Public Company - Limited by Guarantee and Public Company - Limited by Shares, now have separated interview forms
    • Keep an eye out for our Release Notes in early 2023 for the addition of the Company Constitution for a Public Company - Limited by Guarantee
  • E-signing functionality has been added for the following documents, should the relevant Jurisdiction allow for electronic signatures:
    • Discretionary Trust
    • Discretionary Trust (Capital Reserved Lineal Descendant)
    • Discretionary Trust (Fully Reserved Lineal Descendant)
    • Fixed Unit Trust
    • NSW Land Tax Unit Trust
    • SMSF Deed of Establishment
    • SMSF Establishment with Special Purpose Corporate Trustee
  • Companies can now be registered with an Ultimate Holding Company
    • The Standard Company interview form now also supports ARBN and ABN in addition to ACN for the Ultimate Holding Company
  • Guidance has been added to the SMSF Trustee Consent/Member Consent interview form in relation to the usage of the form and its notification to ASIC
  • Training and Webinars now included within the Help menu making it easy to register for upcoming training

Corporate Messenger 

  • A customisable email template has been added to the new Director ID Actions menu to easily email Directors without a Director ID recorded in NowInfinity
  • As we have now passed the Director ID deadline, the Missed Director ID pin has been replaced with the Urgent to Add – Director ID pin

Fixes and Enhancements

  • The share registry confirmation screen now shows the correct shareholder’s beneficial status
  • The minutes for the Form 484B2 now include all middle names of the officeholders
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