What's New November 2022

New Releases

Documentation Suite

  • By popular request, the Change of Appointor document has been added to Corporate Messenger and Documentation Suite
  • The below interview forms have been extended to now allow for up to eight appointors/principals:

o Discretionary Trust

o Discretionary Trust (Capital Reserved Lineal Descendant)

o Discretionary Trust (Fully Reserved Lineal Descendants)

o Discretionary Trust – Change of Trustee

o Change of Discretionary Trust Name

o Discretionary Trust Variation (Foreign Person)

o Vesting of a Discretionary Trust

o Change of Appointor

  • As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality legal documents and to continuously expand our legal capabilities to meet the demands of our fast-growing client base, we have made further updates to the following documents:

o SMSF Trustee Consent/Member Consent updated for new minutes and resolution formats and added the option for Client Legal Review services

Corporate Messenger

  • To assist you with helping your clients meet the upcoming Director Identification (ID) deadline, we have added a new report ‘Export to Excel - Director ID’ to help you easily identify those directors with no Director ID recorded. The report can be found under the new ‘Director ID Actions’ menu within Corporate Messenger.
  • Director ID warning text updated to provide further clarity on requirements prior to 30 November 2022

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Account Manager view within lodgement, trust and fund document pages repaired so the user can now view all lodgements and documents, even when not the Account Manager
  • The ‘hardcopy’ printing option reworded to ‘binder’ to better represent the finished product
  • Printing and stamping details now included into the preview of documents for completeness
  • Companies missing from the Missed Director ID pin due to jurisdiction gaps have now been included
  • Name Reservation (Form 410) error for PAYG users repaired
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