What's New October 2022

New Releases

Documentation Suite

  • New ‘e-signing notification for company registration’ email template added to eliminate the need to edit the e-signing template each time a company registration is sent
  • SMSF Director Resolution has been replaced with either a Minutes of Meeting of Directors (for companies with multiple directors) or Resolution of Sole Director (for Sole Director companies). This will apply to the following services:
    • SMSF Deed of Establishment
    • SMSF Establishment with Special Purpose Corporate Trustee

Corporate Messenger

  • There is now the option to sort and filter via Account Manager within the Annual Statement, Companies, Lodgements, Trusts and Funds pages and is now included as an option when exporting to Excel
  • Cosmetic changes have been made to ASIC Form 6010
  • Cosmetic changes have been made to ASIC Form 484B3

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Form 410 (Name Reservation) no longer requires the user to add 'PTY' for public companies
  • Principal address import from Xero Practice Manager (XPM) into NowInfinity has now been repaired
  • XPM company import option in the collaboration page has been repaired
  • To avoid confusion when ordering, default options and validations have been added to the Printing and Stamping pages
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