What's New September 2022

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General Enhancement

Documentation Suite

SMSF Member Consent documents have been updated to now show each individual Trustee or Director separately rather than consolidated. Note that this change has been applied to the Documentation Suite for the following services:
  • SMSF Deed of Establishment
  • SMSF Establishment with Special Purpose Corporate Trustee



  • 'Missed Director’ pin reporting option repaired
  • Annual Statement cover letter repaired where the name of the officeholders was not capturing the correct data
  • Warning message added to both SMSF Member Exit and SMSF Change of Trustee
  • Warning message added to Trust Distribution Minutes both in the Create Documents page and Trust Register
  • Director Identification Number (DIN) now flows through to Corporate Messenger when added via Super Comply
  • Multifactor Authentication via SMS repaired
  • GreatSoft integration repaired and information now available to populate interview forms
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